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Enron blushing, Qin Yun smiled, whispered and shouted. "Mom" or some unexpected to see her mother in such a case, indeed, she was not ready. This time it touches turn Qin Yun stunned surprised a moment, this is called up my mother, really gave her a little scared. Leng Leng turned around and looked at his son, "Ah Cheng?" Cheng touched his nose, cough clear voice, said. "Mom, I and Enron in the last week has been licensing married." Heard Qin Yun is a moment, a moment all reaction, however, looked at Enron, they turned around and looked at his son, and some can not believe asked "Really?" "Really." Su Yi Cheng nodded seriously, consider whether or not to get a marriage license to the mother, and let her believe that he did not lie to her. Silence for a moment, Qin Yun blame this opening, "You kids are really, marriage is broncos super bowl jerseys not such a big thing to say loudly with the family, my friends and relatives notified temporary how ah!" Cheng laugh, unhurried, said. "What do you notice now, one by one notice it wants" "Really, this marriage can be more things to be prepared, and do not tell me earlier." Qin Yun looked snappily a son, said, stood up, "No, this is something I've got to go back and tell you dad went, reckoned he was surprised "Then they turned to look at this safely, in a good mood with cheap authentic superbowl jerseys a smile on his face, his voice soft but also many, smiled and said." Enron ah, go home for dinner at night with Yi Cheng ? " "Uh." Enron looked Su Yi Cheng, did not speak, but Dry smile. "At night I promised the father in law, to keep Enron last night for dinner." Su Yi Cheng said truthfully. . "Oh, ah," Qin Yun nodded, then said "Tomorrow, and tomorrow you two over, I then Yi Jiao that girl to call back, we get together." Then, what buy super bowl jerseys is thought, askedCheng said "You arrange a time, about to eat a meal relatives, to two people together again when we discuss to discuss your wedding thing." "Well, I know." Su Yi Cheng nodded under. They send out the Qin Yun, until she entered the elevator, they turned back to this house. Enron looked at her, his face still slightly with Hong Yun, hands out from his hand, the atmosphere is a little awkward. Cheng natural look of calm, chuckle at her, and said. "Eat breakfast bar, just to get my mother up, change clothes after eating I send you back." Enron nodded, no opinion, suddenly thought of something, looking at him, as appropriate openings, "That " "Ah?" Su Yi Cheng turned around, looked at her inquiry. "That, weddingwedding can not fail to do?" Enron looked at him and said. In fact, she grew up to have a princess dream, illusion of the day, that belonged to her Prince Charming, full of flowers to marry her, six years ago that Prince Charming is Murphy, and his love, she was also looking forward to his holding flowers marry her that day, but he did not wait until the final three years of love is come to an end they parted ways. She and Su Yi Cheng marriage actually figure it can only be regarded as a compromise of reality, she can not be married to a non age, he has to get married and have children age, marriage, in fact, accurately speaking, the only field mutually beneficial cooperation she is good, he or. The wedding is the Holy Spirit, there is no love, wedding, she felt she could not say that when the time against one of the three words. Cheng looked at her earnestly asked "Why? Do not want a wedding." "I, I bother." Enron turned his head, his eyes avoiding his gaze. Silent for a quite a while,Cheng did not say anything, just nodded and said. "Good"