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Those who come to seek explanation from came forward last promised that within one week will give them an explanation and accountability, this barely nodded to leave. Until after they left, called the person in charge of the project's overall political climate and Enron text into the office. Office, Enron and competent candidates for the construction workers sitting Huang Dexing desk, the desk on the architectural design is spread placed on Huang Dexing by sitting straight face big black leather swivel chair tone without emotion, said "accident on the site, people have referred to the company comes, I want to hear you talk super bowl jersey about your views." Designate workers looked at Enron, then turned around and looked at Huang Dexing, said "My construction is entirely in accordance with the design to do, if you do not stitched super bowl jerseys believe that the company can send someone to check." His meaning is clear, made ​​clear that the drawings the problem, he is according to the drawings, the responsibility is not in him. Huang Dexing saw his eyes, turned to look at Enron, asked " Enron, your view of it is a matter of design." Enron by the press and some tight aching temples, only said. "My view is that people must be given a statement and account of the bereaved family." "Confession?" Side of the waiting workers glanced her eyes, cold laugh and said. "In the allegation has confessed to figure out before you have to first responsibility is not, otherwise, there would be no argument, but where's confession" Enron took a deep breath, fought with what she did not want, nor wish to shirk responsibility, but he was so aggressive that she identified a problem with the attitude of the drawings is really annoying, turned around and looked at the text of the political climate, said "If it is my responsibility, so I will not shirk escape, which to say, that some apology and compensate me a bear, not a drag on the company. "pointing to the table Tanzhao design drawings," but I can be very clear to tell you, this design on a balcony at this location, by force, everything I have been through sophisticated design, which I believe to you 20 years of super bowl jersey shop construction experience you than I know there is no such design the problem! " Hou Zheng Wen does not look at her, a denial, "I do not know, I just according to your design to construction, as there is no problem, I do not know." Now the problem have been out, if not her design problems, that is when he construction of a problem, such a responsibility, he did not want to worry! Enron does not see him, turned Huang Dexing said "Director, I asked for a professional investigation of this accident, if the final result really is the problem I design, then the responsibility for the accident by me personally, never hurt the company or any other person. "finished, got up and turned out of the office. From office, Enron annoyance directly went to the bathroom, turn on the faucet glass table, holding water directly photographed face, trying to calm himself down. It seems that someone in the bathroom early, only to hear the sound of pumping, then Xiao Xiao's voice sounded behind Enron, "as this accident thing bother?" As well as her voice together fed to the paper towels. Enron looked up, turn off the faucet, took her to a paper towel handed to his face water damage, it did not speak. Xiao Xiao holding a lipstick in the mirror Minzui, side and said "You say you are really unlucky this time, designate workers can be considered our notoriously quick to shirk responsibility for the accident, ye this first collaboration right? "Then, the lipstick into the bag, and she was deeply moved by the nike super bowl jersey mirror a big wave, gesture reveal this enchanting. Enron did not speak directly to the paper towels thrown into the wastebasket, and turned out of the office.