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Enron thought, looked at him for a long time, said"Right" only to find that he super bowl jerseys had various conditions are good, looking for him as a husband, very appropriate, but thought she mistaken, put a big Oolong. "I like you." Cheng laughed, punched the steering wheel, the car safely stopped in front of the company Enron. Sitting in the car, Enron glanced at him again, and finally the sentence Xie Tao, directly under the car. Cheng had also wanted to get off that phone in your pocket at this time sounded, Zheng secretary to the phone, it is estimated that he came back from S City there, working with him reports. Enron out of the car, glanced toward the car Su Yi Cheng, nodded and turned toward the office inside. Carrying a briefcase standing in the elevator before waiting for the elevator, before his mind off thinking about the Pro phrase 'I like you'. "Hey, Enron." Shoulder suddenly being shot, the fierce back to God, I saw the same office Xiao Xiao do not know when it has stood behind her. "What do want to do, ask you for a long time did not respond." Xiao Xiao asked, Yuehua Jian, kept his hand stitch a stitch scattered big waves. Obviously still two years younger than her, but how to see how more feminine than her. "Nothing." Enron smiled, shook his head. super bowl jerseys wholesale Not to mention smaller than her Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao is with her figure over the same period to the company, she had not building this professional, to the time did not graduate college, start from the office and do odd jobs, step by step up to today designer's position, her to pay more than others, at least according to Enron knowledge, in addition to director, she will always be one of the latest to go. Xiao Xiao turned around and looked outside and saw the outside of the bike Porsche a nice turn around, and then pull away. Turned toward the Enron affair winked, and asked "? Big boss just sent you come ah." Enron lengleleng, then react, she said that Su Yi Cheng, just wanted to get off when she saw it. Red blush, beginning glance, does not see her, denied and said "! What're you talking about ah." "Bite !" At this time the elevator, they went down the crowd, due to catch up with the class punch card, the elevator man very much. Xiao Xiao did not give up, Couzhuo Enron ear and asked "? Oh, what know ah, that company." "Not what you think." Enron snappily looked at her eyes, something about marriage, she thought it was two people, their relatives and friends know like, she did not intend to get a wedding, so some human also gone, so do not want quiet. Asked no results, Xiao Xiao somewhat unpleasant, boring turned sound, Pielepiezui, said"! So stingy doing, afraid I grab with you ah." Enron does not say much to explain, quiet waiting for the elevator to arrive. And into the company, Enron obviously nike super bowl jersey feel the atmosphere of some wrong, ask the front desk to ask students work part time, and they knew said yesterday smashed the family of the deceased to the downtown company, several large men are now three five thick in the conference room, etc. , said to the company for an explanation. Enron heart sank, holding a bag inside the company to go towards. This went suddenly out of a man in the room, shouting, pointing to Enron, "is she, is this woman, the foreman said she is that building designers, is that she is a substandard building design was stoned nfl super bowl xlviii jerseys people of! "said on the red ran Enron, then, the conference room the other two big burly men also heard out on toward Enron angry over the presence of male colleagues aware of the situation wrong, hurried up to stop them . "Dear Brother, have something good to say, have something good to say, do not look for the survey clearly does not know who is to blame, not necessarily the care of a problem with the designer's design." A male colleague explained to them. "Not her! Not she is also the responsibility of your company, and now our brothers died, the family has old and small, today anyway, you have to give us an idea!" Han said fiercely.