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After breakfast, Cheng recalled Enron drove directly home, the two go together, is the father Gu opened the door, see the two back, his eyes laughing, busy then let them come over the body. Linxiao Fen preparing breakfast, cooked porridge also steamed bread, to see them come back, the waiter probe out of the kitchen to make them wait a minute, there are a few buns go. Enron said to have eaten there in Cheng, let the mother in haste, and then turned himself into super bowl jerseys his room, changed clothes ready to go, it is estimated to be a meeting this morning about the accident yesterday on the site, she also wanted to know as soon as possible the reason. Such as Enron and then came out, I saw and Gu Cheng said parents sat drinking porridge on the table laughing, gnawing buns, see her out, turned toward her with a smile "Enron, come over and eat, Mom to do more than just buy buns to be good many. " "Yes ah, Enron, to eat together." also said. Enron looked at the time, shook his head and said "No, you eat, I want to go to the company up." Said, taking the package ready to go out on the sofa. Upon seeing this, Cheng also put down the chopsticks, got up laughing Gu cheap super bowl xlviii jerseys parents laughed. cheap super bowl jerseys "That I will send Enron in the past, or the mother put the buns to me keep it, I come at night to eat." Listen to these words of Linxiao Fen straight music, busy, said "If Cheng Yi eat, then I give you to do every day." My heart really think this is a good son, good for Enron, will speak, watching it liked. Gu two old watched them leave until they looked into the elevator, this shut the door. "I think this is Su Yi Cheng is really good." Linxiao Fen looked at her husband said. Gu Hengwen clutch go inside his wife's shoulder, did not speak, mouth with a smile, apparently agreed to his wife's words. Sitting in the car, this time seriously looked Enron car, it did not looked at what the car looks at Enron logo on the steering wheel, some little dumbfounded, not the first sitting, but it is the first serious looking at the above logo, the brand of the car is not much she knew, except you are very famous Mercedes Benz and Audi, BMW, Porsche and she also recognized Bentley, but at the moment she did not realize at the moment, he is now even that is sitting in a Porsche above! Cheng turned to look at her cheap nfl super bowl jerseys and see her staring at the steering wheel silly, somewhat puzzled and asked "? How the" "Lin said yes." Enron stammered openings. Cheng laughed and asked "What did she say?" Listen to her old name, he began some curious how this is a kind of person! "She said I was a sugar daddy." Enron said honestly, I thought, Lin is really a phrase into the Proverbs. Su Yi Cheng could not help lengleleng, then immediately grin, "You mean my car?" Enron looked at him, did not answer asked "Why did you agree to marry me?" In his condition, it should be as long as he wants, it must be a woman how many women, how many people are! However, just as a simple promise to marry her, is really too bizarre point, now that I think that he felt somewhat unreal credible. "Then why did you decide to marry me?" Su Yi Cheng does not answer, ask her road.