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Xiao Xiao looked at her figure disappeared behind the door, the mouth can not help but sneer, some despicable Lengheng, "false lofty." Enron directly back to the office, sat staring at the pile of papers on the table and looked at the location, but motionless. Koukou knock Enron did not respond, sat motionless. Koukou knock The knock sounded again, regular rhythmic. Enron This Huiguo Shen, took a deep breath, looked speaker directed at the door and said "Come." Enron intuitive thought Ling Lin, but the accident to see Huang Dexing. Some cramped stood up, "director?" Huang Dexing Tai Taishou motioned her to sit down, sit down in front of her own, spoke and said. "Designate Jung man contests the point, you do not take it to heart." Enron shook his head, did not speak. "About this time of the accident the company must be thoroughly investigated the causes and specific responsibilities, not only to give the families of the victims say when and accountability, there will be accountable to you." Huang Dexing continued. Enron moment, determined by looking at him, and asked "? Mean director is that you believe that my design is no problem." "I have seen your design, proportion, calculation is correct, but on the confirmation of responsibility after the accident and the results of that survey was to know that I come to you, mainly because you do not want this thing opponents head work while lazy negligent, super bowl jerseys but not because of this incident affect your other work. "Huang Dexing looked she said. Enron nodded, aware he was referring to the government building tender thing, "I know, I will not let myself be affected, design I give you this weekend." Huang Dexing satisfied nod, and said "ah, but for this design company intends wanted a healthy competition game, you guys are all young designers to participate, everyone on this case delivery of drawings, this not only allows the company more competitive in the tender drawings, and in this way we can mobilize the enthusiasm of the company, you see how? " "There is competition is a good thing, I have no opinion." Survival of the fittest Enron understand this truth, so she did not compete views have super bowl jerseys 2014 more, just know there are good and bad. "Ah." Huang Dexing satisfied nod, stood up to leave, "that you continue to work, the company will investigate the accident on your hands to do their most important super bowl jerseys cheap work." Under Enron nodded, "I know." Got up and send him out. Cheng's phone is coming in half an hour before work, that is to come pick her up to go with them to return safely home at night for dinner, by the way the Enron stuff to move Cheng's apartment. , "No, I'll drive super bowl jerseys china back, the car has been parked car park for several days." Enron refused Road, in fact, had chosen to get married when licensing is just trying to find the right person to complete the task of marriage together, she thought they between just more than a piece of paper, is not much impact, she is still in her life, but the responsibilities and obligations she does not escape, but she was really thought the trouble to others, although the individual is looking for her husband. "Re open tomorrow, tomorrow I may not be empty to pick you up." Phone there, Cheng said so.