3 x 6 Meadow


2 x 2 Mosaic Meadow



Round Stop

6” Round Stop & Corner Round Stop

(Used like a pencil surface bullnose.)



6” Quarter Round Stop & Beak


Color, Sizes & Trim

AY330 Meadow
AY330/36 3 x 6
AY330/22 2 x 2 Mosaic
AY330/RS 6” Round Stop
AY330/RSN Corner Round Stop
AY330/A106 6” Quarter Round Stop
AY330/AC106 Beak

Additional Information


6” Round Stop AY330/RS - This trim is similar to the A106 but with a smaller radius to enable it to abut the field like a surface bullnose trim piece.

Round Stop Image

Installation Information

Due to the nature of production it is important to mix tile within each carton and from carton to carton, as well as changing the orientation of pieces with similar graphics, to attain a proper mix and blend of this one-color series. We suggest laying out the area before setting the tile.

Note: Due to natural stresses in the glaze and external factors, some of the tiles will have craquele (crazing) which will occur before, during and after installation. You will not only see the visual craquele, but also hear a slight popping noise as the crazing occurs. This does not affect the strength or quality of the tile or glaze.

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