bianco brillante

Bianco Brillante

bianco satinato

Bianco Satinato

dore 5

Dore 5

gris 5

Gris 5

ivory 1

Ivory 1

ivory 3

Ivory 3

ivory 5

Ivory 5


Colors, Size & Trim

Colors - Matte
EADPBS Bianco Satinato
EADPIY1 Ivory 1
EADPIY3 Ivory 3
EADPIY5 Ivory 5
EADPGS5 Gris 5
EADPDE5 Dore 5
Colors - Shiny  
EADPBB Bianco Brillante
EADP-/820 8 x 20
EADP-/SBN 3 x 20 Surface Bullnose
EADP-/A112 12” Quarter Round
EADP-/AC112 Beak

Additional Information


The surface bullnose is made from field tile that is cut, rounded and re-glazed.

Installation Information

If installing with a cement-based adhesive, we recommend using a flexible adhesive.


34 additional non-stock colors are available special order. Non-stock colors are subject to minimum order quantities.