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Large format tiledesign positive
design positive large format tile

Design Positive by Epoca (EADP) Ceramic Wall Tile
8 x 20 Wall Tile • Stocked in a versatile 8-color palette. Design Positive is an Italian white-body wall tile that is intended for interior walls.
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Vein BVein B
Vein B

Vein B by Imola (IAVB) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
This vein-cut stone-look tile with a linear pattern is an Italian, rectified inkjet full-body porcelain tile. Imola added a contemporary edge to this series which is suitable for residential and commercial use.
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re-use marblere-use marble
re-use marble by provenza

Re-Use Marble by Provenza (PZRM)
Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
The latest trend in Italy is for designers and architects to re-use materials slated for the landfill in new projects, giving them a second chance. Most popular is re-claimed marble. In the spirit of this concept Provenza has incorporated this aesthetic in creating their Re-Use Collection of porcelain tiles. This Marble look alike has a surface texture like old reclaimed stone with its matte and slightly undulated surface.
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Quarziti 2.0Quarziti 2.0
Quarziti 2.0 by Mirage

Quarziti 2.0 by Mirage (MEQR) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Mirage is a inkjet Full-Body Italian Porcelain. Mirage has taken advantage of all the newest and latest inkjet quality to achieve the look of real stone including the natural veining and shading that occurs. The end result is a random yet controlled mixing of hues and surfaces within each stone color.
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Kauri Petrified WoodKauri

Kauri by Acif (AFKI) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Kauri is an Italian glazed porcelain which uses inkjet technology to create the look of petrified wood in three finishes. The bark is a rough, textured finish to represent the outside of the tree, while the Natural (matte) and Lappato (semi-polished) finishes both represent the inside core of the tree. Expect a lot of variation within each color.
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Vivace by Vetrissimo (VOVE) Accent Tile, Glass Tile, Stone Tile
Vivace ~ Shiny & matte glass with hand brushed underglazing.
BLOCK PATTERN (VOVE---/BP) Combination of 1 x 1’s, 1 x 2’s and 2 x 2’s. Pattern combines both shiny and matte finishes with lively hand brushed underglazing in color mixtures that are both dynamic and vivacious.
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Lucente by Vetrissimo (VOLE) Accent Tile, Glass Tile, Stone Tile
Lucente ~ Shiny & matte glass with subtle metallic underglazing.
Combination of 1/2 x 1-7/8 and 1/2 x 3-7/8 silk-screened pieces with subtle metallic underglazing
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Stone & Glass & ShellStone & Glass & Shell

Stone & Glass & Shell part of the Borders Collection (SGS)
3/8 x 3/4 inch pieces are randomly blended and mesh-mounted in a brick pattern on approx. square foot sheets. Each color is a mix of shiny and matte glass, actual stone and mother of pearl pieces.
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Ardesie by Mirage

Ardesie by Mirage (MEAD) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Mirage Ardesie is a rectified full-body porcelain that is appropriate for residential and commercial use. Merging aesthetics, technical performance, authentic style and avant-garde technology, Mirage has captured and reinterpreted the elegance of natural stones in a contemporary way. The end result is a slate-look with the functional advantages of porcelain. Expect a wide range of color variation that is inherent in natural slate.
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Botticino floor and wall tileBotticino floor and wall tile
magica botticino wall and floor tile

Botticino by Magica (MABO) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Magica has created a wall and floor combination by reinventing the classic Botticino look using the latest inkjet technology. The Botticino series is elegant in its simplicity with the beauty, characteristics and variation of natural stone. The wall tile is a rectified white body tile with a shiny finish. The floor component to this line is a matte glazed porcelain, which is also suitable for walls. There are three corresponding colors available in both wall and floor tile.
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melange wall tiledesign positive
melange wall tile photos

Melange by Grazia (MAME) Ceramic Wall Tile
Melange wall tile series is noted for its soft palette and gentle shading which creates interesting variation of color. The 5 x 5 has soft, subtle shading while the 2-1/2 x 5 has the same tones expanding them to create rich blends with wide variation. The result is blended colors conveniently packaged and sold as one product.
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strand linear stone tileStrand

Strand by Campogalliano (CGSD) Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile
Strand is a colored-body glazed porcelain composed of six versatile, soft tones with a linear stone look. The authenticity of real stone is the result of digital printing technology. The contemporary palette and harmony of Strand's linear patterns create the ideal backdrop for today's most current interior design trends.
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thermae travertine tilegeotech

Thermae by Savoia (SATE)
Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile
Savoia has created a modern interpretation of the classic veincut travertine stone with its straight edges, smooth surface and linear look to the veincut. This Italian inkjet series also offers the ease of maintenance of glazed porcelain with an edgy look for a timeless stone.
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Geotech by Floor Gres (FGGH)
Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile
The island of Madeira, which means wood in Portuguese, belongs to an archipelago of volcanic origin which features a special stone that has the appearance of fossil wood. This is the inspiration for Geotech. Combining fine porcelain stoneware with patterns of natural stone with new, original combinations of color and surface textures. Geotech can meet all the requirements of modern architecture.
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new classicnew classic
new classic

New Classic by Grazia (GANC) Ceramic Wall Tile
New Classic is a modern interpretation of the traditional Grazia wall tile. The striking 5 x 10 size is suitable for diverse style applications with its simple moldings and classic decoratives. The soft-hued palette of seven colors and three accents offers both a new and classic look. Mixing glass, stone or metal with New Classic can add an architectural detail or ornamentation to multiply its design options.
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