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Hexagons (AA) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
The Glazed Hex mosaic series is a re-creations of the classic, historical tile with which we are all familiar. The shade and size variation is part of the high-fire porcelain production process.
*NEW 4" Hex in Matte (AA400/HX) and Matte Black(AA499/HX) have been added to the Aurora series.
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Maison by Mosaix (MXMN) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
This Italian porcelain mosaic tile - terra cotta with blue & white detailing - is based on old hand-painted Italian cotto designs. It is screen-printed by hand so that each piece has its own unique character. Each mesh-mounted approximate square-foot sheet, with four rows of four 3x3 tile squares, can be used as individual accent pieces, cut into strips or used in its entirety to create both wall and floor features or decorative accents.
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Industrial by Floor Gres
(FGIL) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
With a new interpretation of a concrete look, the Industrial series offers a modern and simple representation of architecture in its purest form. The neutral six-color palette allows spaces to be conceived with a brand new vision. The subtle variation and texture add depth and sophistication to this contemporary line. Suitable for both commercial and residential installations.
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Alchemy 3x6Alchemy 3x6

Alchemy 3x6 (AY36) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Alchemy offers distinctive glazes reminiscent of traditional Japanese pottery that are characterized by matte and shiny effects, pooling and intense shade variation. The rich mix of green tones in the Meadow color creates a beautiful effect in this high quality Japanese porcelain.
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Large format tilealchemy
alchemy porcelain mosaic

Alchemy (AY) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Alchemy has employed traditional Japanese glazes to create its rich and variegated palette. It is the perfect choice for a full wall installation in a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. As well, sheets can be cut and combined with other field tile to create cost effective feature strips or decorative inserts.
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Palazzo by Faro (FOPO)
Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
By taking two popular ideas - the Hexagon shape of historic buildings and the look of Carrara marble - Faro creates a new combination that will be an instant classic. The 14” size adds a new dimension and contemporary twist and makes it appealing to every taste. In Palazzo, a simple idea equals an elegant and refined design option. To attain the proper mix of graphics and color it is important to mix tile within each carton and blend tile from several cartons during installations.
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Bloc by Lanka (LABC) Ceramic Wall Tile
Lanka brings modern appeal with classic style to wall tile with their rectangular Bloc series. With two finishes — glossy and matte — and a broad color palette, infinite design options are possible. Different colors can be blended for a fresh feel. Additional texture can be created by mixing glossy and matte finishes in tandem, and the two building block sizes allow for interesting patterns. Here's the opportunity to create a new twist on the "standard white".
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Coem Signum wood look tileCoem Signum wood look tile

Signum by Coem (CMSM) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Signum is a rectified colored-body porcelain. Coem has created a cutting-edge contemporary wood-look using the latest inkjet technology.
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Galassie by View (VWGE) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Competitively priced Italian Inkjet Glazed Porcelain with soft variation and movement in 3 sizes. Suitable for residential and moderate commercial use.
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Kauri Petrified WoodKauri

Kauri by Acif (AFKI) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Kauri is an Italian glazed porcelain which uses inkjet technology to create the look of petrified wood in three finishes. The bark is a rough, textured finish to represent the outside of the tree, while the Natural (matte) and Lappato (semi-polished) finishes both represent the inside core of the tree. Expect a lot of variation within each color.
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Streaming by Marca CoronaStreaming by Marca Corona

Streaming by Marca Corona (MCSG) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Streaming is a contemporary look featuring a softly striped linear surface that fuses the aesthetic features of a refined material with the impeccable technical performance of rectified full-body porcelain stoneware. Streaming is stocked in two rectified sizes in five cutting edge colors.
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crosscut wooddesign positive
magica botticino wall and floor tile

CrossCut Wood by Provenza (PZCW) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
The CrossCut Wood from Provenza is the heart of the tree visible in the sawn log. Unique in the growing number of porcelain woods available, CrossCut has taken advantage of the cutting-edge capabilities of the inkjet technology to achieve the remarkable beauty of this line.
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Vein BVein BVein B

Vein B by Imola (IAVB) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
This vein-cut stone-look tile with a linear pattern is an Italian, rectified inkjet full-body porcelain tile. Imola added a contemporary edge to this series which is suitable for residential and commercial use.
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Quarziti 2.0Quarziti 2.0
Quarziti 2.0 by Mirage

Quarziti 2.0 by Mirage (MEQR) Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile
Mirage is a inkjet Full-Body Italian Porcelain. Mirage has taken advantage of all the newest and latest inkjet quality to achieve the look of real stone including the natural veining and shading that occurs. The end result is a random yet controlled mixing of hues and surfaces within each stone color.
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