White Glossy (Not Shown)

Colors & Sizes

ACAYMK Milk (Matte Cream)
ACAYSR Sugar (Matte White)
ACAYWG White Glossy
Size - Rectified  
ACAY--/1632W 16 x 32 Wave

Additional Information



Arty is suitable for use in commercial and residential wall applications.

Coordinating Trim

It is possible to find other products that coordinate with the Arty colors. For example, the trim pieces from Epoca’s Design Positive are good options. For use with:

• ACAYMK try color Ivory 5 (EADPIY5/SBN, EADPIY5/A112 and EADPIY5/AC112) 

• ACAYSR try color Bianco Satinato (EADPBS/SBN, EADPBS/A112 and EADPBS/AC112)

• ACAYWG try color Bianco Brillante (EADPBB/SBN, EADPBB/A112 and EADPBB/AC112)

Schluter also offers different options for finishing pieces to use with structured wall tile. Coordinating trims should be presented with an understanding that there will not be a perfect match and there may be some variation from production run to production run.


Arty “Wave” is intended for interior walls. If installing with a cement-based adhesive, it is recommended to use a flexible setting material. All substrates should be properly reinforced to be sure there is no movement. Wood studs need to be dry and properly braced with a minimum depth of 3 1/2”. For mortar installations, the mortar bed has to be cured (less than 2% humidity) and has to have proper reinforcing. The Arty Wave is designed and recommended to be set with a straight joint. Care should be taken to have the pattern align from piece to piece to create a continuous flow.

Made in Italy Made in Italy