Aurora Hexagons (AA)

The Glazed Hex mosaic series is a re-creation of the classic, historical tile with which we are all familiar. The shade and size variation is part of the high-fire porcelain production process.

Cinca Classico (CACO)

A twist on the hexagon shape, the Classico series features an elongated hexagon, measuring approximately 9 1/2” wide and 19 3/8” long. Presented in three classic colors, this porcelain series is the perfect combination of traditional and modern aesthetics, making it an ideal option for every taste.

FAP Firenze (FPFE)

The Firenze series channels the traditional beauty and sophistication of the city of Florence in Tuscany. With its warm palette and rich shading, this full-body porcelain stoneware with inkjet application is an option that will add charm to any space.

Marca Corona Deluxe (MCDE)

Offering the impeccable technical performance of a full-body porcelain, combined with the high quality product that one expects from Marca Corona, Deluxe delivers two sought-after stone replicas. Suitable for residential & commercial applications.

Marca Corona Textile (MCTE)

Textile is a collection that skillfully blends fabric textures with geometric shapes. The two sizes, a 3 x 12 rectangle and a 8 ½“ hexagon, have the look of a handwoven fabric dyed with natural pigments which give the colors a beautiful depth and rich variation. The Hexagon has a soft fabric texture while the 3 x 12 has multiple different structural surfaces that create a sculptural patchwork, almost a 3D element, making this a field tile that will add another dimension to any project.

Natucer Avanti (NRAI)

The literal translation of “avanti” is “forward.” Natucer’s Avanti takes the historic hexagon shape and brings it forward, stretching it and turning it into something fresh. The resulting creation is a final look that is both classic and current. In addition to its beautiful look, Avanti also offers the strength and hand-made feel of an extruded porcelain product. Variation in size, shade, and surface texture are inherent and desirable characteristics of this specialized production method and add to the tile’s appeal.

Natucer Shapes (NRSH)

From Natucer in Spain, this high quality, extruded porcelain product is made from wet clay and has a handcrafted look and feel. The variation in size and surface texture is an inherent and desirable characteristic of this specialized production method and adds to the appeal of this tile. With a long rectangle, a classic Hexagon and the hot Chevron. Available in 3 colors Shapes offers endless design possibilities for both modern and traditional tastes.

Rondine Bristol (REBL)

The Bristol series features two important parts - a 2 3/8 x 10 Brick and a Paver in two sizes, 13 x 13 and 6 1/2 x 13. The realism and depth that Rondine has achieved in this 5 color inkjet glazed porcelain line is remarkable. The Brick is a faithful copy of brick in terms of color, shading and surface texture. In all sizes it is important to mix tiles within each carton and to blend from several cartons during installation to get a proper balance of variation.

Rondine New York (RENY)

The New York series offers the look of painted brick. The 2 3/8 x 10 Brick size is available in classic Black and White colors.

Tagina Apogeo (TAAO)

“Apogeo,” Italian for “apogee,” means the highest point of an object’s orbit. It is the perfect name for Tagina’s new line. Tile trends are cyclical, and the current trend of “return to rustic” is a natural fit for Tagina. They simply looked to their history and the products that made them famous; then using the latest technology and a contemporary sensibility, they created this new line which represents the pinnacle of their considerable capabilities. Rich colors, wide variation, and slightly chiseled edges are all characteristics of Apogeo.