Acif Kauri (AFKI)

Kauri is an Italian glazed porcelain which uses inkjet technology to create the look of petrified wood in three finishes. The bark is a rough, textured finish to represent the outside of the tree, while the Natural (matte) and Lappato (semi-polished) finishes both represent the inside core of the tree. Expect a lot of variation within each color.

Alco Navona (AONA)

Alco presents the look of Navona travertine with all the advantages of a glazed porcelain. A clean look in good colors at a competitive price, Navona is about uncomplicated elegance.

Campogalliano Strand (CGSD)

Strand is a colored-body glazed porcelain composed of six versatile, soft tones with a linear stone look. The authenticity of real stone is the result of digital printing technology. The contemporary palette and harmony of Strand's linear patterns create the ideal backdrop for today's most current interior design trends.

Campogalliano Taj Mahal (CGTM)

For their Taj Mahal series, Campogalliano was inspired by the beautiful white marble of the iconic landmark it is named for. Different from other white marbles, the Taj Mahal white is almost tone on tone, with beautiful veining that has a gentle, onyx-like grain. With one color in two finishes and two sizes, this series epitomizes the classic timelessness of white marble, adding elegance to any installation.

Coem Loire (CMLE)

Loire represents a return to a rustic sensibility with a more modern interpretation of “rustic“. It has very softly chiseled edges and wide shade variation. The final look resembles the stone blocks of castle walls in Europe, rich with history yet situated in the heart of modern cities.

Edimax Focus (EXFS)

Edimax brings their inimitable taste and high quality production to a contemporary slate look with the Focus series. The three colors of this colored-body glazed porcelain are lively and have incredible depth and variation; the gentle surface texture makes it feel, as well as look like real stone. For the customer looking for a slate alternative, Focus will be a great option. But it is not strictly slate and will appeal to everyone looking for a tile that is simply beautiful.

Floor Gres Floortech  (FGFH)

With Floortech, Floor Gres brings the quality of a technical Italian full-body porcelain to the stone-look. Each color represents a different, popular stone. All nine stone colors are available in the “Soft Finish” which looks and feels like a honed stone. Like real stone, the Soft Finish will vary in surface texture depending upon the stone color. Suitable for both commercial and residential installations.

Floor Gres Geotech (FGGH)

The island of Madeira, which means wood in Portuguese, belongs to an archipelago of volcanic origin which features a special stone that has the appearance of fossil wood. This is the inspiration for Geotech. Combining fine porcelain stoneware with patterns of natural stone with new, original combinations of color and surface textures. Geotech can meet all the requirements of modern architecture.

Flyzone Reverse (FZRE)

Reverse is inspired by the architectural trend of installing stone tiles with the back side facing out. The reverse side of the stone has a different character and brings a fresh perspective to stone-look porcelain. This high-quality, Italian, inkjet glazed porcelain in today’s popular colors is offered at a competitive price. It is suitable for residential and moderate commercial use. It is available in 3 colors with coordinating surface bullnose trim.

Imola Vein B (IAVB)

Italian inkjet full-body porcelain tile. Vein-cut looking stone with a linear pattern and contemporary edge.

Marca Corona Deluxe (MCDE)

Offering the impeccable technical performance of a full-body porcelain, combined with the high quality product that one expects from Marca Corona, Deluxe delivers two sought-after stone replicas. Suitable for residential & commercial applications.

Marca Corona Stone One (MCSO)

Blending graphics showing distinctive veins found in nature with the metropolitan character of cement, Stone One is a full-body porcelain offering an original interpretation of natural stone. The cutting-edge color palette and superlative quality of Marca Corona will make this a favorite series for those with discerning taste. Each color in the series includes strong veining patterns that convey a striking effect when installed due to the multi-directional movement of the veins.

Mirage Ardesie (MEAD)

Mirage Ardesie is a rectified full-body porcelain that is appropriate for residential and commercial use. Merging aesthetics, technical performance, authentic style and avant-garde technology, Mirage has captured and reinterpreted the elegance of natural stones in a contemporary way. The end result is a slate-look with the functional advantages of porcelain. Expect a wide range of color variation that is inherent in natural slate.

Mirage Quarziti 2.0 (MEQR)

Mirage is an inkjet Full-Body Italian Porcelain. Mirage has taken advantage of all the newest and latest inkjet technology to achieve the look of real stone including the natural veining and shading that occurs. The end result is a random yet controlled mixing of hues and surfaces within each stone color.

Mariner Venice (MRVE)

The Venice line is about simple sophistication. An Italian inkjet porcelain in a stone look with soft, pleasing colors offered at a competitive price, it is a great value.

Naxos Marble Hill (NSMH)

Marble Hill Sculptor is a Calacatta look that is available in a floor and wall tile combination. Using the latest inkjet technology, Naxos has created a shade that is both warm and classic. Sculptor has timeless appeal making it ideal for any installation. Suitable for residential and commercial installations.

Rocell Botticino (RLBO)

Rocell presents the popular and classic Botticino look. Rectified porcelain with Inkjet realism at an interesting price, this series is a great value and an attractive alternative to real stone.

Savoia Colosseum (SACM)

Travertine is eternal. It was popular in Ancient Rome and is still a prevalent and attractive look today. With the Colosseum series, Savoia uses modern technology to make a fresh, realistic travertine-look with all the advantages of glazed porcelain.

Savoia Thermae (SATE)

Savoia has created a modern interpretation of the classic veincut travertine stone with its straight edges, smooth surface and linear look to the veincut. This Italian inkjet series also offers the ease of maintenance of glazed porcelain with an edgy look for a timeless stone.

Supergres Gotha (SSGA)

From the merger between technology of porcelain stoneware, the refinement of marble and the naturalness of stone, a series of exceptional value is born. The depth, versatility and detail of its graphics have created a tile that will grace any setting. This colored-body, inkjet Italian porcelain is suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Verde 1999 Blast (VEBT)

Verde 1999 employs graphics from different stones and concrete, mixing them together to create the crossover contemporary/classic look for the Blast series. Both sizes of this colored-body inkjet porcelain are rectified. It is important to blend tiles within each carton, and from different cartons during installation to insure a proper range of variation.

View Dorset (VWDT)

The Dorset series from View recreates the Portland stone from the Dorset region in Southern England with its characteristic fossil shells. Its appealing colors, competitive pricing and the advantages of a colored-body inkjet glazed porcelain make this series an intriguing option.

vwga gea
View Gea (VWGA)

“Gea” is an Ancient Greek term for “earth” and the concept for View’s Gea series comes from there. A stone look in neutral tones, this is a tile that represents simple, natural beauty.