Grazia Maison  (GAMN)

The Maison series features craquele glazes in four colors. With two sizes in plain field tile, 8 x 8 and 4 x 8, plus two structured pattern option in 8 x 8, the design possibilities are endless. The structured field can be used in entire areas, or it can be combined with the plain field tile as a feature or accent. It is suitable for residential and commercial interior wall applications.

Mirage Ruche  (MERE)

The Ruche (or “hive” in French) offers a new take on the honeycomb style hexagon. By blending different surface structures and glazes in each color, Mirage has added a delightful textural element to this popular geometric shape. The Blanc color is a combination of different shades in glossy and matte (roughly 70% glossy and 30% matte) on top of 6 different surface textures. The same 6 textures appear in the Noir color but with matte, glossy and metallized glazes - about 20% metallic and roughly equal parts in the other two finishes. Although Ruche is intended mainly for walls please see usage below for more specific recommendations.

Sichenia Pavé Wall Square (SIPE)

Pavé offers the look of a 3D stone cladding with all the benefits of porcelain. The structured surface has a square pattern that is tilted in different directions to create the dimensional effect while also staying easy to clean. The five colors have universal appeal and will easily pair with other products. Install it with a straight joint and use a matching color grout to maximize the impact.

Please visit our Porcelain Tile Shapes page for many choices suitable for wall installations.