Arty by Atlas Concorde (ACAY)

Atlas Concorde’s Decorative “Wave” in the Arty series rides the trend of structured wall tile. With matte glazes in white and cream, this 16 x 32 is pure elegance. Used as an accent or in an entire area, it creates drama without being overwhelming. Suitable for use in commercial and residential wall applications.

Brave by Atlas Concorde (ACBE)

With the three-dimensional wall tile in the Brave series, Atlas Concorde offers a stone look in structured wall tile. The sculpted stone effect is natural and has a strong impact while offering the advantages of a ceramic product. The two different shapes (Wave in three colors and Blade in Gypsum only) offer a choice between soft undulation and dynamic geometry.

Imola Kiko (IAKO)

Imola’s Kiko series is a wall tile with a textile look. Each color has nine different but similar textures that are taken from four fabrics: linen, silk, cotton and hemp. The different textures are mixed randomly together to create an original and elegant effect. The eight field colors can be combined with each other and with the special decorative pieces in myriad ways making each installation a unique expression.

Mirage Ruche  (MERE)

The Ruche (or “hive” in French) offers a new take on the honeycomb style hexagon. By blending different surface structures and glazes in each color, Mirage has added a delightful textural element to this popular geometric shape. The Blanc color is a combination of different shades in glossy and matte (roughly 70% glossy and 30% matte) on top of 6 different surface textures. The same 6 textures appear in the Noir color but with matte, glossy and metallized glazes - about 20% metallic and roughly equal parts in the other two finishes. Although Ruche is intended mainly for walls please see usage below for more specific recommendations.

Naxos Handmade  (NSHE)

Handmade is a wall tile that evokes the full charm of craft ceramics. Its softly structured surface and neutral tones create a warm and welcoming environment. The Hole version has a netting of small, irregular indentations with an accent of color that adds to the craft feel. The Synergy (available in the Yosemite color only) is a mixture of four elegant and vintage patterns that create a sculptural effect.

Naxos Raku (NSRU)

In the Raku series, Naxos has created an eclectic grouping of products with each design presented in the color that looks best. The final effect is a series of unique products, just like the Raku ware that inspired it. The surface texture mimics the random irregularities observed in the refractory clay used by ceramic artists. The glazes – particularly on the structured fields – play with light by contrasting reflective lustre glazes with a muted matte base. While this series is a collection of unique items, they are also designed to coordinate with each other, just as a set of Raku pottery would be made up of different but complementary pieces.