Flyzone Fibra (FZFA)

A different approach to the fabric look, Fly Zone’s Fibra line is all about subtlety. The textile fibers are recognizable yet understated, and the 5 colors are soft and sophisticated. The multiple sizes and unique mosaic allow for many design possibilities. It is suitable for residential and moderate commercial use.

Marca Corona Textile (MCTE)

Textile is a collection that skillfully blends fabric textures with geometric shapes. The two sizes, a 3 x 12 rectangle and a 8 ½“ hexagon, have the look of a handwoven fabric dyed with natural pigments which give the colors a beautiful depth and rich variation. The Hexagon has a soft fabric texture while the 3 x 12 has multiple different structural surfaces that create a sculptural patchwork, almost a 3D element, making this a field tile that will add another dimension to any project.