Colli  Scot (CIST)

Scot has taken different kinds of marble veining patterns combining and mixing the images onto 6 x 36 planks to create a new and modern interpretation. Each color in this Italian inkjet glazed porcelain series includes veining patterns from various marbles within each color’s range. The result is a rich mix of graphics and tones that conveys a striking effect when installed due to the multi-directional movement of the veins.

Coem Signum  (CMSM)

Signum is a rectified colored-body porcelain. Coem has created a cutting-edge contemporary wood-look using the latest inkjet technology.

Emiliana Chalet (EACT)

Chalet is a rectified Italian colored-body glazed porcelain inkjet series. With its palette of three neutral and two more saturated colors combined with the sought-after appeal of wood-look porcelain, this series is an ideal choice for many areas. Chalet goes beyond the usual imitation by introducing crosscut pieces, pieces with and without knots and other details one would expect to see with real wood.

Elios Marks (ESMS)

Imagine a floor that has been aged and weathered over time with traces of past traffic and peeling paint. Its “marks” are celebrated as part of the history that makes it interesting today. Add to that charm the ease of maintenance and high quality of an Italian inkjet porcelain, and Elios has a line that is sure to get people excited. It is rustic but would look equally appealing in a contemporary environment.

Edimax Style (EXSE)

Inspired by the timelessness of famous cities that are rich in history and also thoroughly chic and modern, the Style series blends modern tastes with traditional warmth and charm. This 8 x 48 plank is suitable for residential to moderate commercial use.

Imola Kuni (IAKU)

With Kuni, Imola has painstakingly recreated wood planks that have been worn over time. The realistic surface structure and natural color palette create a warm and inviting wood look.

Pamesa Greenwich (PAGH)

Pamesa’s Greenwich is a classic wood-look porcelain that will bring effortless elegance to any installation. The high quality and beauty of the series, combined with the competitive price, make this 8 x 48 plank a true value.

Provenza Crosscut Wood (PZCW)

The CrossCut Wood from Provenza is the heart of the tree visible in the sawn log. Unique in the growing number of porcelain woods available, CrossCut has taken advantage of the cutting-edge capabilities of the inkjet technology to achieve the remarkable beauty of this line.

Sant'Agostino Pictart (SOPT)

An exotic wood with its aesthetic drawn from the stems of banana leaves, Sant’Agostino’s Pictart series brings a fresh concept to the field of rustic woods. The suffix “art” in the name also suggests to the artistic nature of this product. Combining the characteristic streaks of the plant and the brushstrokes of paint on a gentle relief, Pictart is rich and inviting.