Floor Gres Industrial (FGIL)

With a new interpretation of a concrete look, the Industrial series offers a modern and simple representation of architecture in its purest form. The neutral six-color palette allows spaces to be conceived with a brand new vision. The subtle variation and texture add depth and sophistication to this contemporary line. Suitable for both commercial and residential installations.

Flyzone Argilla (FZAA)

“Argilla” refers to a specific type of clay that comes from the Sassuolo region in Italy where the Italian ceramic industry is centered. With the look of the traditional handmade floors from that area’s history, this line is about tile being itself rather than an interpretation of something else. A glazed inkjet porcelain at a competitive price, Argilla is a true value. It is suitable for residential and light to moderate commercial use.

Monocibec Nextra (MONA)

Nextra is a colored-body porcelain with inkjet application that has a concrete look with soft variaton in a contemporary palette.

Rocell Adagio (RLAO)

Adagio is a fabric/concrete look in a rectified porcelain. It brings cutting edge contemporary style at a competitive price point, making this a very appealing option. Adagio is suitable for residential and light commercial use.

View Galassie (VWGE)

Competitively priced Italian Inkjet Glazed Porcelain with soft variation and movement in 3 sizes. Suitable for residential and moderate commercial use.