What's New

elongated hex

Aurora Hex Mosaics 1 ¼ ” x 4” Elonganted Hex  (AA) - New Addition

We have added a new 1-¼ x 4 Elongated Hex to the Aurora series. It is available in Matte White, Shiny White and Matte Black.


View Atlantis (VWAS) - Just Arrived

The Atlantis series represents the next generation of vein cut travertine. A linear look in four appealing colors, it has a unique, satin finish that truly feels like honed stone. With the selection of rectangular sizes - from the classic 12 x 24 to the popular 3 x 12 to the new 8 x 48 plank - this series can be used in many, creative ways.


Vallelunga Opus (VAOS) - Just Arrived

The Opus series is a contemporary wood look that stands out because of the complexity of its colors. Each color has warm and cool tones that add depth and create a very rich final look.


Campogalliano Luna (CGLA) - Just Arrived

Based on the popular Dolomite stone with its very subtle veining and pure white background, Luna is perfect for the customer who wants clean lines and simplicity with a sophisticated flavor. With one color in two finishes and two sizes, it can be used many ways to achieve a final look that is both classic and modern.


Manhattan (MN) 3 x 9, 2 x 8, PB18 and FSP - New Addition

We have added two new sizes, 3x9 and 2x8 in MN10 White only.  We are also filling out the line by adding a ½ x 8 Pencil Bullnose in 3 colors (MN10, MN11 and MN50) and the Feature Strip Plain in all 4 colors (MN10, MN11, MN50 and MN29). The Feature Strip Plain (FSP) is glazed on the edges and can be used as a finishing piece, both as a bullnose and as a cap molding.


Marca Corona Stone One (MCSO) Textured Finish in 12 x 24 - New Addition

We are now stocking the Textured Finish in 12 x 24 in three colors (Dark, Grey & Silver). The Textured R11 finish is suitable for most exterior paving applications including patios, pool decks, walkways, terraces, steps, and even most slopes. Of course, final suitability always comes down to the specific circumstances of the project, and proper cleaning and maintenance is required to maintain the slip resistance of any surface. A seamless flow from interior to exterior spaces can be created by using the Natural Finish inside and the Textured Finish outside.


Cerim Onyx  (CMOX) - Just Arrived

Cerim’s interpretation of Onyx is striking. The fully polished version is dramatic without being extreme, and the coordinating natural finish is more subdued. The 12x24 comes in the standard 10 mm thickness in both finishes, while the 32x32 (polished only) is 6 mm thick, making this large format easier to install on walls.


Kerion Neocim Decor  (KNNM) - Just Arrived

Neocim or “new cement” is a collection that recreates traditional encaustic cement tiles in porcelain. The designs are distinctive, yet classic and have a pristine white base color. They can be used as accents or even medallions, but look best when installed in entire areas. The result is the extraordinarily beautiful look of decorative cement tiles, but with all the advantages of porcelain – reduced thickness, ease of installation and maintenance, resistance to staining, and more – making this look accessible for many applications where cement tiles would not be suitable or practical.


Mirage Ruche  (MERE) - Just Arrived

The Ruche (or “hive” in French) offers a new take on the honeycomb style hexagon. By blending different surface structures and glazes in each color, Mirage has added a delightful textural element to this popular geometric shape. The Blanc color is a combination of different shades in glossy and matte (roughly 70% glossy and 30% matte) on top of 6 different surface textures. The same 6 textures appear in the Noir color but with matte, glossy and metallized glazes - about 20% metallic and roughly equal parts in the other two finishes. Although Ruche is intended mainly for walls please see usage below for more specific recommendations.


Naxos Raku  (NSRU) - Just Arrived

In the Raku series, Naxos has created an eclectic grouping of products with each design presented in the color that looks best. The final effect is a series of unique products, just like the Raku ware that inspired it. The surface texture mimics the random irregularities observed in the refractory clay used by ceramic artists. The glazes – particularly on the structured fields – play with light by contrasting reflective lustre glazes with a muted matte base. While this series is a collection of unique items, they are also designed to coordinate with each other, just as a set of Raku pottery would be made up of different but complementary pieces.


Marca Corona Textile (MCTE) - New Additions

We have added a 12x24 and an 3x24 SBN. Please note that the 12x24 will have the surface texture of the 9” Hexagon, but the movement is toned down to something more appropriate for a larger tile.


Marca Corona Deluxe (MCDE) - New Additions

We have added two new mosaics to this line in the White, MCDEWE, a basketweave (with black dots, using the MCDEDK color) and a herringbone.


Imola Re-Micron  (IARM) - Just Arrived

Re-Micron is a highly technical product that is suitable for the most demanding commercial projects but with a subtle, contemporary look that makes it appealing for upscale residential use as well. Clays with different pigments are mixed together in the body of the tile to create colors that are animated by gentle surface movement. The colors of the series – with shades from pale to medium to dark in a palette that goes from warm to cool – are designed to coordinate with each other so they can be used together in creative ways. Different colors can also be used in different areas, creating style continuity throughout a project.


Flyzone Fibra (FZFA)

A different approach to the fabric look, Fly Zone’s Fibra line is all about subtlety. The textile fibers are recognizable yet understated, and the 5 colors are soft and sophisticated. The multiple sizes and unique mosaic allow for many design possibilities. It is suitable for residential and moderate commercial use.


View Gea (VWGA)

“Gea” is an Ancient Greek term for “earth” and the concept for View’s Gea series comes from there. A stone look in neutral tones, this is a tile that represents simple, natural beauty. New Addition: Dots and Dashes mosaic in 2 color combinations.

design evo

Elios Design Evo (ESDE) - New Addition

We have added three new 8 x 8 decoratives in the classic black and white color combination. As an aged cementine look, the pattern is in dark grey on the soft cream background of the Burro color.

design evo

Elios Design Evo (ESDE) - Just Arrived

With Design Evo, Elios presents the next step in the evolution of design. It is a concrete look with the character of the traditional Italian “cementine”. Four decorative designs are sold individually, allowing people to select a specific pattern and use it in entire areas as a carpet or as an individual accent. Four field colors can be used on their own or combined with the decos, giving free reign to the creativity.

pamesa k-wood

Pamesa K-Wood (PAKW)

Pamesa’s K-Wood offers a semi-rustic wood porcelain at a competitive price. The light distressed look is paired with a modern color palette - warm and cold grays - with gentle variation.


Mirage Koru (MEKO)

Koru is an interpretation of the wood found in fruit trees, characterized by light veining and distinctive knots. The name Koru derives from a Maori word and symbol representing new life, growth and peace. The colors of Mirage’s Koru are clean and crisp, creating a final look that creates a peaceful living space. The classic, natural colors are further enhanced by the opaque surface that absorbs light rather than reflecting it. The innovative finish and the high number of different images make this wood look porcelain incredibly realistic and universally appealing.

voio Incanto

Vetrissimo Incanto (VOIO)

Enchanting as the name suggests, Incanto by Vetrissimo is a glass option that adds charm to any installation. The rhomboid mosaics made from various materials, offer a fresh option in the popular field of geometric shapes. The sheets can be installed in entire areas or cut into strips and used as an accent, allowing numerous exciting design possibilities.


Imola Kuni (IAKU)

With Kuni, Imola has painstakingly recreated wood planks that have been worn over time. The realistic surface structure and natural color palette create a warm and inviting wood look.


Sichenia Pavé Wall Square (SIPE)

Pavè offers the look of a 3D stone cladding with all the benefits of porcelain. The structured surface has a square pattern that is tilted in different directions to create the dimensional effect while also staying easy to clean. The five colors have universal appeal and will easily pair with other products. Install it with a straight joint and use a matching color grout to maximize the impact.


Naxos Handmade (NSHE)

Handmade is a wall tile that evokes the full charm of craft ceramics. Its softly structured surface and neutral tones create a warm and welcoming environment. The Hole version has a netting of small, irregular indentations with an accent of color that adds to the craft feel. The Synergy (available in the Yosemite color only) is a mixture of four elegant and vintage patterns that create a sculptural effect.


Grazia Maison (GAMN)

The Maison series features craquele glazes in four colors. With two sizes in plain field tile, 8 x 8 and 4 x 8, plus two structured pattern option in 8 x 8, the design possibilities are endless. The structured field can be used in entire areas, or it can be combined with the plain field tile as a feature or accent. It is suitable for residential and commercial interior wall applications.