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Flyzone Fibra (FZFA) - Just Arrived

A different approach to the fabric look, Fly Zone’s Fibra line is all about subtlety. The textile fibers are recognizable yet understated, and the 5 colors are soft and sophisticated. The multiple sizes and unique mosaic allow for many design possibilities. It is suitable for residential and moderate commercial use.


View Gea (VWGA) - Just Arrived

“Gea” is an Ancient Greek term for “earth” and the concept for View’s Gea series comes from there. A stone look in neutral tones, this is a tile that represents simple, natural beauty.

design evo

Elios Design Evo (ESDE) - Just Arrived

With Design Evo, Elios presents the next step in the evolution of design. It is a concrete look with the character of the traditional Italian “cementine”. Four decorative designs are sold individually, allowing people to select a specific pattern and use it in entire areas as a carpet or as an individual accent. Four field colors can be used on their own or combined with the decos, giving free reign to the creativity.

pamesa k-wood

Pamesa K-Wood (PAKW) - Just Arrived

Pamesa’s K-Wood offers a semi-rustic wood porcelain at a competitive price. The light distressed look is paired with a modern color palette - warm and cold grays - with gentle variation.

voio Incanto

Mirage Koru (MEKO)

Koru is an interpretation of the wood found in fruit trees, characterized by light veining and distinctive knots. The name Koru derives from a Maori word and symbol representing new life, growth and peace. The colors of Mirage’s Koru are clean and crisp, creating a final look that creates a peaceful living space. The classic, natural colors are further enhanced by the opaque surface that absorbs light rather than reflecting it. The innovative finish and the high number of different images make this wood look porcelain incredibly realistic and universally appealing.

voio Incanto

Vetrissimo Incanto (VOIO)

Enchanting as the name suggests, Incanto by Vetrissimo is a glass option that adds charm to any installation. The rhomboid mosaics made from various materials, offer a fresh option in the popular field of geometric shapes. The sheets can be installed in entire areas or cut into strips and used as an accent, allowing numerous exciting design possibilities.


Imola Kuni (IAKU)

With Kuni, Imola has painstakingly recreated wood planks that have been worn over time. The realistic surface structure and natural color palette create a warm and inviting wood look.


Sichenia Pavé Wall Square (SIPE)

Pavè offers the look of a 3D stone cladding with all the benefits of porcelain. The structured surface has a square pattern that is tilted in different directions to create the dimensional effect while also staying easy to clean. The five colors have universal appeal and will easily pair with other products. Install it with a straight joint and use a matching color grout to maximize the impact.


Naxos Handmade (NSHE)

Handmade is a wall tile that evokes the full charm of craft ceramics. Its softly structured surface and neutral tones create a warm and welcoming environment. The Hole version has a netting of small, irregular indentations with an accent of color that adds to the craft feel. The Synergy (available in the Yosemite color only) is a mixture of four elegant and vintage patterns that create a sculptural effect.


Grazia Maison (GAMN)

The Maison series features craquele glazes in four colors. With two sizes in plain field tile, 8 x 8 and 4 x 8, plus two structured pattern option in 8 x 8, the design possibilities are endless. The structured field can be used in entire areas, or it can be combined with the plain field tile as a feature or accent. It is suitable for residential and commercial interior wall applications.


Rocell Adagio (RLAO)

Adagio is a fabric/concrete look in a rectified porcelain. It brings cutting edge contemporary style at a competitive price point, making this a very appealing option. Adagio is suitable for residential and light commercial use.


Rocell Botticino (RLBO)

Rocell presents the popular and classic Botticino look. Rectified porcelain with Inkjet realism at an interesting price, this series is a great value and an attractive alternative to real stone.


Rocell Accessories (RLAS)

With simplicity of design, the Rocell Accessories line offers both a modern and classic look. The Classic Shelf is available in four colors and the Flat Shelf is available in five colors.


Sant'Agostino Pictart (SOPT)

An exotic wood with its aesthetic drawn from the stems of banana leaves, Sant’Agostino’s Pictart series brings a fresh concept to the field of rustic woods. The suffix “art” in the name also suggests to the artistic nature of this product. Combining the characteristic streaks of the plant and the brushstrokes of paint on a gentle relief, Pictart is rich and inviting.


Campogalliano Taj Mahal (CGTM)

For their Taj Mahal series, Campogalliano was inspired by the beautiful white marble of the iconic landmark it is named for. Different from other white marbles, the Taj Mahal white is almost tone on tone, with beautiful veining that has a gentle, onyx-like grain. With one color in two finishes and two sizes, this series epitomizes the classic timelessness of white marble, adding elegance to any installation.


Marca Corona Stone One (MCSO)

Blending graphics showing distinctive veins found in nature with the metropolitan character of cement, Stone One is a full-body porcelain offering an original interpretation of natural stone. The cutting-edge color palette and superlative quality of Marca Corona will make this a favorite series for those with discerning taste. Each color in the series includes strong veining patterns that convey a striking effect when installed due to the multi-directional movement of the veins.


Vetrissimo Puro (VOPO)

Puro is pure simplicity and elegance. With frosted and glossy glass pieces mixed together and mounted in a brick pattern, Puro can be used as an accent or in entire areas. The soft, subtle colors will be sure to work beautifully with many other materials. The Puro colors, especially made to work with the Lanka Dolce (LADE) series, are classic neutrals that will coordinate with many other materials. See product sheet for handling and usage information.


Lanka Dolce (LADE)

“Dolce” has many meanings- sweet, charming, gentle. Lanka’s new Dolce series is all of those things. The satin finish is a graceful compromise between shiny and matte. The color palette with its variation is pleasing and versatile. With classic subway sizes in today’s colors and a fresh, new finish, Dolce will enhance and enrich any architectural style.