Aurora Hexagons (AA)

The Glazed Hex mosaic series is a re-creation of the classic, historical tile with which we are all familiar. The shade and size variation is part of the high-fire porcelain production process.

Atlas Concorde Arty (ACAY)

Atlas Concorde’s Decorative “Wave” in the Arty series rides the trend of structured wall tile. This 16 x 32 is pure elegance with three classic options: matte white, matte cream and glossy white. Used as an accent or in an entire area, it creates drama without being overwhelming.

Atlas Concorde Brave (ACBE)

With the three-dimensional wall tile in the Brave series, Atlas Concorde offers a stone look in structured wall tile. The sculpted stone effect is natural and has a strong impact while offering the advantages of a ceramic product. The two different shapes (Wave in three colors and Blade in Gypsum only) offer a choice between soft undulation and dynamic geometry.

Acif Kauri (AFKI)

Kauri is an Italian glazed porcelain which uses inkjet technology to create the look of petrified wood in three finishes. The bark is a rough, textured finish to represent the outside of the tree, while the Natural (matte) and Lappato (semi-polished) finishes both represent the inside core of the tree. Expect a lot of variation within each color.

Alco Navona (AONA)

Alco presents the look of Navona travertine with all the advantages of a glazed porcelain. A clean look in good colors at a competitive price, Navona is about uncomplicated elegance.

Antiqua Rex Venezia (ARVAB)

Actual stone that is semi-polished with a brushed finish, the Venezia series is classic style for today's contemporary settings. From rich saturated hues to soft neutral tones, these natural tiles will make a enduring statement.

Alchemy (AY)

Alchemy has employed traditional Japanese glazes to create its rich and variegated palette. It is the perfect choice for a full wall installation in a bathroom or kitchen backsplash. Sheets can be cut and combined with other field tile to create cost effective feature strips or decorative inserts.

Alchemy 3 x 6 (AY36)

Alchemy offers distinctive glazes reminiscent of traditional Japanese pottery that are characterized by matte and shiny effects, pooling and intense shade variation. The rich mix of green tones in the Meadow color creates a beautiful effect in this high quality Japanese porcelain.

Cinca Classico (CACO)

A twist on the hexagon shape, the Classico series features an elongated hexagon, measuring approximately 9 1/2” wide and 19 3/8” long. Presented in three classic colors, this porcelain series is the perfect combination of traditional and modern aesthetics, making it an ideal option for every taste.

Campogalliano Luna (CGLA)

Based on the popular Dolomite stone with its very subtle veining and pure white background, Luna is perfect for the customer who wants clean lines and simplicity with a sophisticated flavor. With one color in two finishes and two sizes, it can be used many ways to achieve a final look that is both classic and modern.

Campogalliano Strand (CGSD)

Strand is a colored-body glazed porcelain composed of six versatile, soft tones with a linear stone look. The authenticity of real stone is the result of digital printing technology. The contemporary palette and harmony of Strand's linear patterns create the ideal backdrop for today's most current interior design trends.

Campogalliano Taj Mahal (CGTM)

For their Taj Mahal series, Campogalliano was inspired by the beautiful white marble of the iconic landmark it is named for. Different from other white marbles, the Taj Mahal white is almost tone on tone, with beautiful veining that has a gentle, onyx-like grain. With one color in two finishes and two sizes, this series epitomizes the classic timelessness of white marble, adding elegance to any installation.

Coem Loire (CMLE)

Loire represents a return to a rustic sensibility with a more modern interpretation of “rustic“. It has very softly chiseled edges and wide shade variation. The final look resembles the stone blocks of castle walls in Europe, rich with history yet situated in the heart of modern cities.

Cerim Onyx (CMOX)

Cerim’s interpretation of Onyx is striking. The fully polished version is dramatic without being extreme, and the coordinating natural finish is more subdued. The 12x24 comes in the standard 10 mm thickness in both finishes, while the 32x32 (polished only) is 6 mm thick, making this large format easier to install on walls.

Coem Signum  (CMSM)

Signum is a rectified colored-body porcelain. Coem has created a cutting-edge contemporary wood-look using the latest inkjet technology.

Emiliana Chalet (EACT)

Chalet is a rectified Italian colored-body glazed porcelain inkjet series. With its palette of three neutral and two more saturated colors combined with the sought-after appeal of wood-look porcelain, this series is an ideal choice for many areas. Chalet goes beyond the usual imitation by introducing crosscut pieces, pieces with and without knots and other details one would expect to see with real wood.

Elios Design Evo (ESDE)

With Design Evo, Elios presents the next step in the evolution of design. It is a concrete look with the character of the traditional Italian “cementine”. Four decorative designs are sold individually, allowing people to select a specific pattern and use it in entire areas as a carpet or as an individual accent. Four field colors can be used on their own or combined with the decos, giving free reign to the creativity.

Epoca Design Positive (EADP)

Ceramic Wall Tile 8 x 20 Wall Tile • Stocked in a versatile 8-color palette. Design Positive is an Italian white-body wall tile that is intended for interior walls.

Euro Cotto  (EOCO)

Euro uses modern technology to achieve the quintessentially classic terra-cotta look in glazed porcelain. Its slightly undulated surface with the marks of traditional hand-made terracotta adds to the series’ authenticity. Cotto features two finishes, Natural and Grip, allowing a fluid transition from interior to exterior spaces.

Elios Marks (ESMS)

Imagine a floor that has been aged and weathered over time with traces of past traffic and peeling paint. Its “marks” are celebrated as part of the history that makes it interesting today. Add to that charm the ease of maintenance and high quality of an Italian inkjet porcelain, and Elios has a line that is sure to get people excited. It is rustic but would look equally appealing in a contemporary environment.

Eclectic White (EW)

Eclectic White is a collection of decorative accents with one thing in common - they are all variations of white. These lovely mosaics can stand alone in entire areas, or they can be used as textural elements with classic white tile installations.

Edimax Focus (EXFS)

Edimax brings their inimitable taste and high quality production to a contemporary slate look with the Focus series. The three colors of this colored-body glazed porcelain are lively and have incredible depth and variation; the gentle surface texture makes it feel, as well as look like real stone. For the customer looking for a slate alternative, Focus will be a great option. But it is not strictly slate and will appeal to everyone looking for a tile that is simply beautiful.

Edimax Style (EXSE)

Inspired by the timelessness of famous cities that are rich in history and also thoroughly chic and modern, the Style series blends modern tastes with traditional warmth and charm. This 8 x 48 plank is suitable for residential to moderate commercial use.

Faenza Lamiera (FALM)

Lamiera was inspired by the contemporary urban context and architectural trends of today. The colored-body Italian glazed porcelain series was created to evoke an atmosphere which is warm and stylish, yet powerful and trend-setting. Surfaces are reinvented with a material that has the look of sheet metal that shows the effects of time, transforming simplicity into an opportunity for expression. The metallic look is achieved without adding real metals to the glaze so it retains all the advantages of glazed porcelain.