palazzo ducale a

           Palazzo Ducale A


palazzo ducale b

            Palazzo Ducale B

palazzo ducale c

         Palazzo Ducale C

palazzo ducale e

            Palazzo Ducale E

Black White B

         Black & White B

Black White X

            Black & White X

Black White Z

            Black & White Z











Terra di Sienna

Terra di Siena

Colors, Sizes & Trim

Size - Non-Rectified  
ESDE--/88 8 x 8
Palazzo Ducale  
ESDEPD/88A Palazzo Ducale A
ESDEPD/88B Palazzo Ducale B
ESDEPD/88C Palazzo Ducale C
ESDEPD/88E Palazzo Ducale E
Black & White  
ESDEBW/88B Black & White B
ESDEBW/88X Black & White X
ESDEBW/88Z Black & White Z
Field Colors  
ESDETS Terra di Siena
ESDE--/SBN 3 x 24 Surface Bullnose



Expect shade variation between field and bullnose.

Black & White Decos

The Black and White section of Design Evo is a selection of decorative designs in the classic black and white color combination. As an aged cementine look, the pattern is in dark grey on the soft cream background of the Burro color.

Usage & Installation

Suitable for walls and floors including residential and moderate commercial use. Please note that some patterns are complete within a single piece of tile while others need four tiles to complete each pattern. For the designs that require four pieces, Palazzo Ducale A and C, single piece Pattern E and Black & White X, care should be taken during installation to make sure the tiles are correctly placed to achieve the desired final look. The minimum recommended grout joint is 3/32”. Please note that the material is non-rectified. If using more than one item together (i.e. field and decos), please check the caliber and be aware that you may have to adjust the size of the grout joint to make your pattern work.

Palazzo Ducale E note Made in Italy
The Coefficient of Friction is a general guide only. Testing may vary with different production runs and with different testing labs.

As noted in the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) the coefficient of friction varies considerably due to facts not under the control of entities such as the manufacturers and distributors. These factors include, but are not limited to, contaminants, slope of terrain, drainage conditions, adjacent surfaces, etc. Suitability for any installation can only be determined by a site examination of all conditions that could affect the slip resistance of the tile being installed. Continual cleaning and maintenance must be performed once the tile has been installed.