Images not to scale.hex mosaics sizes

Colors & Sizes

Colors & Sizes  
1” Hexagon Field  
AA100/HX Matte White
AA102/HX Matte Almond
AA199/HX Matte Black
2” Hexagon Field  
AA200/HX Matte White
AA299/HX Matte Black
CL270/HX Shiny White
4” Hexagon Field  
AA400/HX Matte White
AA499/HX Matte Black
1¼” x 4” Elongated Hex  
AA200/14EH Matte White
AA299/14EH Matte Black
CL270/14EH Shiny White
2 x 2 Mosaic  
AA200/22 Matte White
Spiral Mosaic  
AA22/SL White with Black Dots

Additional Information



Mounted on mesh, sizes are approximate.

hex mosaics sizes


Recommended for interior walls, counters and moderate duty floors.


The shade variation of Aurora is a natural and intentional characteristic of this type of high-fire porcelain material.