Eclectic White (EW)

Eclectic White is a collection of decorative accents with one thing in common - they are all variations of white. These lovely mosaics can stand alone in entire areas, or they can be used as textural elements with classic white tile installations.

Stone & Glass & Aluminum (SGA)

5/8 x 4 inch pieces of polished stone, brushed aluminum and matte, textured glass are randomly blended and mesh-mounted straight joint on square foot sheets.

Stone & Glass Brick (SGB)

Approximate 3/8 x 3/4 stone and glass pieces are randomly blended and mesh-mounted on .9 sq ft sheets. Glass pieces have varying finishes.

Stone & Glass Sticks (SGB)

Approx. 2 x 3/8, 4 x 3/8 and 6 x 3/8 stone and glass pieces are randomly blended and mesh-mounted on square foot sheets.

Stone & Glass Blends and Stone & Glass & Aluminum  (SGB)(SGA)

5/8 x 5/8 Blends of Glass & Stone.

Aluminum and glass pieces are randomly blended and mesh-mounted on approx. square foot sheets. Glass pieces are a mix of both matte and shiny. Aluminum pieces have a brushed finish.

Stone & Glass & Decos (SGD)

5/8 x 5/8 stone and glass pieces are randomly blended and mesh-mounted on approx. square foot sheets. Glass pieces vary in their color range within the blend color and are a mix of matte, shiny and glazed embossed surfaces. Stone pieces have metallic glazed surfaces that also vary in color.

Stone & Glass & Shells (SGS)

3/8 x 3/4 inch pieces are randomly blended and mesh-mounted in a brick pattern on approx. square foot sheets. Each color is a mix of shiny and matte glass, actual stone and mother of pearl pieces.

Vetrissimo Elegance (VOEE)

Small tumbled glass rectangles of various sizes are mixed and mounted on approximate square foot sheets. The glass rectangles are shiny with metallic underglazing. The tumbled edges give each piece a softer, more organic shape. Within each color there is a range of tones creating movement and variation. The chipped corners, cracks, and surface irregularities accentuate the overall trenchant appeal of its old world artistry.

Vetrissimo Incanto (VOIO)

Enchanting as the name suggests, Incanto by Vetrissimo is a glass option that adds charm to any installation. The rhomboid mosaics made from various materials, offer a fresh option in the popular field of geometric shapes. The sheets can be installed in entire areas or cut into strips and used as an accent, allowing numerous exciting design possibilities.

Vetrissimo Lucente (VOLE)

Shiny & matte glass with subtle metallic underglazing.

Vetrissimo Metallic Glass (VOMG)

The Metallic Glass series is a completely new take on glass tile mosaics. Different metallic glazes are applied to the glass, including the surface of the glass (overglazing), to create elegant blends. The colors in the series are chameleons that complement virtually any tile as accents and that can be used in entire areas as features.

Vetrissimo Puro (VOPO)

Puro is pure simplicity and elegance. With frosted and glossy glass pieces mixed together and mounted in a brick pattern, Puro can be used as an accent or in entire areas. The soft, subtle colors will be sure to work beautifully with many other materials.

Vetrissimo Superfici (VOSI)

The “Superfici” series is about playing with different “surfaces” or textures. Four kinds of glass (glossy, matte and two textures) and three finishes of stone (polished, honed and bush-hammered) are blended together, adding a unique dimension to stone and glass mosaics. Slight differences in thickness and size add extra depth to the final look.

Vetrissimo Tranquillo (VOTO)

Lanka brings modern appeal with classic style to wall tile with their rectangular Bloc series. With two finishes — glossy and matte — and a broad color palette, infinite design options are possible. Different colors can be blended for a fresh feel. Additional texture can be created by mixing glossy and matte finishes in tandem, and the two building block sizes allow for interesting patterns. Here’s the opportunity to create a new twist on the “standard white“.

Vetrissimo Vivace (VOVE)

Pattern combines both shiny and matte finishes with lively hand brushed underglazing in color mixtures that are both dynamic and vivacious. The pieces are mounted on approximate square foot sheets.