Floor Gres Floortech  (FGFH)

With Floortech, Floor Gres brings the quality of a technical Italian full-body porcelain to the stone-look. Each color represents a different, popular stone. All nine stone colors are available in the “Soft Finish” which looks and feels like a honed stone. Like real stone, the Soft Finish will vary in surface texture depending upon the stone color. Suitable for both commercial and residential installations.

Floor Gres Geotech (FGGH)

The island of Madeira, which means wood in Portuguese, belongs to an archipelago of volcanic origin which features a special stone that has the appearance of fossil wood. This is the inspiration for Geotech. Combining fine porcelain stoneware with patterns of natural stone with new, original combinations of color and surface textures. Geotech can meet all the requirements of modern architecture.

Floor Gres Industrial (FGIL)

With a new interpretation of a concrete look, the Industrial series offers a modern and simple representation of architecture in its purest form. The neutral six-color palette allows spaces to be conceived with a brand new vision. The subtle variation and texture add depth and sophistication to this contemporary line. Suitable for both commercial and residential installations.

Floor Gres Styletech Metal (FGSM)

Fusing the urban industrial feeling with the imagery of foundry metals, Floor Gres created the authenticity of a metal-look tile in three colors through their digital technology, while offering the durability and ease of maintenance of a full-body porcelain stoneware tile. The honed surface of the “Soft” Finish adds extra richness to the three colors. Suitable for both commercial and residential installations.

FAP Firenze (FPFE)

The Firenze series channels the traditional beauty and sophistication of the city of Florence in Tuscany. With its warm palette and rich shading, this full-body porcelain stoneware with inkjet application is an option that will add charm to any space.

Flyzone Fibra (FZFA)

A different approach to the fabric look, Fly Zone’s Fibra line is all about subtlety. The textile fibers are recognizable yet understated, and the 5 colors are soft and sophisticated. The multiple sizes and unique mosaic allow for many design possibilities. It is suitable for residential and moderate commercial use.

Flyzone Reverse (FZRE)

Reverse is inspired by the architectural trend of installing stone tiles with the back side facing out. The reverse side of the stone has a different character and brings a fresh perspective to stone-look porcelain. This high-quality, Italian, inkjet glazed porcelain in today’s popular colors is offered at a competitive price. It is suitable for residential and moderate commercial use. It is available in 3 colors with coordinating surface bullnose trim.

Grazia Boiserie (GABOI)

Reminiscent of the classic beadboard wainscoting, a popular architectural design element, the Boiserie series is a faithful ceramic tile interpretation. In addition to the wainscoting piece, Boiserie includes a cap molding and baseboard tile. All are available in both colors.

Grazia Impressions (GAIM)

The Impressions series has a handcrafted look that is characterized by craquele glazes in a rich color palette with shade variation. Some size variation and warpage is a natural part of this product. The 5 ½ x 22 size is available in a plain field tile and a structured Bamboo field which can be used in entire areas or as a striking accent. It is suitable for residential and commercial interior wall applications.

Grazia Melange (GAME)

Melange wall tile series is noted for its soft palette and gentle shading which creates interesting variation of color. The 5 x 5 has soft, subtle shading while the 2-1/2 x 5 has the same tones expanding them to create rich blends with wide variation. The result is blended colors conveniently packaged and sold as one product.

Grazia Maison  (GAMN)

The Maison series features craquele glazes in four colors. With two sizes in plain field tile, 8 x 8 and 4 x 8, plus two structured pattern option in 8 x 8, the design possibilities are endless. The structured field can be used in entire areas, or it can be combined with the plain field tile as a feature or accent. It is suitable for residential and commercial interior wall applications.

Grazia New Classic (GANC)

New Classic is a modern interpretation of the traditional Grazia wall tile. The striking 5 x 10 size is suitable for diverse style applications with its simple moldings and classic decoratives. The soft-hued palette of seven colors and three accents offers both a new and classic look. Mixing glass, stone or metal with New Classic can add an architectural detail or ornamentation to multiply its design options.

Imola Koshi  (IAKI)

Koshi is a full-body porcelain that offers a modern, fresh look. With an eight-color palette in 12 x 12, 12 x 24, and a four-color palette in 24 x 48, makes Koshi an ideal choice for commercial or residential applications.

Imola Kiko (IAKO)

Imola’s Kiko series is a wall tile with a textile look. Each color has nine different but similar textures that are taken from four fabrics: linen, silk, cotton and hemp. The different textures are mixed randomly together to create an original and elegant effect. The eight field colors can be combined with each other and with the special decorative pieces in myriad ways making each installation a unique expression.

Imola Kuni (IAKU)

With Kuni, Imola has painstakingly recreated wood planks that have been worn over time. The realistic surface structure and natural color palette create a warm and inviting wood look.

Imola Vein B (IAVB)

Italian inkjet full-body porcelain tile. Vein-cut looking stone with a linear pattern and contemporary edge.

Imola Re-Micron  (IARM)

Re-Micron is a highly technical product that is suitable for the most demanding commercial projects but with a subtle, contemporary look that makes it appealing for upscale residential use as well. Clays with different pigments are mixed together in the body of the tile to create colors that are animated by gentle surface movement. The colors of the series – with shades from pale to medium to dark in a palette that goes from warm to cool – are designed to coordinate with each other so they can be used together in creative ways. Different colors can also be used in different areas, creating style continuity throughout a project.

Kerion Neocim Decor  (KNNM)

Neocim or “new cement” is a collection that recreates traditional encaustic cement tiles in porcelain. The designs are distinctive, yet classic and have a pristine white base color. They can be used as accents or even medallions, but look best when installed in entire areas. The result is the extraordinarily beautiful look of decorative cement tiles, but with all the advantages of porcelain – reduced thickness, ease of installation and maintenance, resistance to staining, and more – making this look accessible for many applications where cement tiles would not be suitable or practical.

Lanka Bloc (LABC)

Lanka brings modern appeal with classic style to wall tile with their rectangular Bloc series. With two finishes — glossy and matte — and a broad color palette, infinite design options are possible. Different colors can be blended for a fresh feel. Additional texture can be created by mixing glossy and matte finishes in tandem, and the two building block sizes allow for interesting patterns. Here’s the opportunity to create a new twist on the “standard white“.

Lanka Dolce (LADE)

“Dolce” has many meanings- sweet, charming, gentle. Lanka’s new Dolce series is all of those things. The satin finish is a graceful compromise between shiny and matte. The color palette with its variation is pleasing and versatile. With classic subway sizes in today’s colors and a fresh, new finish, Dolce will enhance and enrich any architectural style.

Lanka Dune (LADU)

The softly undulated surface of Lanka’s Dune series mimics the rolling hills of sand on the beach. Structured wall tile at a competitive price, this series can be used in entire areas or as an accent with coordinating products.

Lanka Riva (LARA)

Riva, the riverbed, where earth meets water, is the idea behind the Riva series with its translucent “watery glazes”. Riva redefines the aesthetics of an artisanal tile series by combining the clean and simple lines of a contemporary look with the richness and depth of translucent glazes. The glazes pool differently depending upon the size and shape of both the field and trim pieces. This is a natural and inherent characteristic of this type of glazing method, and contributes to the desired end result.

Lanka Velluto  (LAVO)

Whether your tastes run to the modern or solidly traditional, the versatile, soft-hued palette of Velluto is a fusion of classic design with modern style. The neutral matte colors with subtle shading create a handcrafted look is perfect for any installation. Just like the “velvet” for which it is named, Velluto is matte without being flat and has gentle shading that makes it feel rich and decadent.

La Fabbrica Orchestra (LFOA)

The Orchestra line takes its inspiration from the natural world of the Mediterranean region and the finest contemporary Italian design. The result is a tone-on-tone decorative line in a rich blend of floral textures and modern geometric patterns. The coordinating solid field tile in the line’s neutral palette allows for endless creativity, as the decorative tiles can be used in entire areas or combined with the solid colors to create striking and memorable features.

Marca Corona Deluxe (MCDE)

Offering the impeccable technical performance of a full-body porcelain, combined with the high quality product that one expects from Marca Corona, Deluxe delivers two sought-after stone replicas. Suitable for residential & commercial applications.